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Learn how to write

In this book you will learn how professionals in the industry want you to write code.

71 pages ‧ 3.1 MB

10 years of writing JavaScript - in the real world.

I’ve participated in countless PR code reviews, assessed job interviews and created coding challenges.

I’ve been notoriously presenting my Twitter audience with small bits of code, asking them what they preferred and if they would have approved it in a PR.

Here are my findings, impressions and personal experience. All put together in an easy-to-digest e-book including examples and explanations.


What will you get?

71 pages of content

71 pages of content, packed with explanations, examples and actionable advice.

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Visual examples & illustrations

Packed with visuals, illustrations and examples that will showcase problematic approaches and how to improve them.

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Thorough walkthrough & explanations

We will cover a range of topics with clear explanations and step-by-step walkthroughs to help you understand the problem and how to fix it.

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The right arguments for your next interview

You will be equipped with a lot of great arguments that are guaranteed to impress at your next job interview.

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Strong opinions

Even if you have strong opinions about how to write good JavaScript already, you'll definitely sit back with new ones after finishing this book.

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Author has +10 years in the field

I have worked with JavaScript professionally for more than a decade and seen JavaScript used (and misused) on a broad range of different projects.

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30 days money-back guarantee.
If you didn't learn anything, hit me up, and I'll refund you.

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